Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Tom, Jerry and Brownie - week 2

I am officially in week 2 of being the proud owner of two goats and a bunny. I love it. Still not sure where this love of animals is coming from, but does it really matter?

Tom has gotten more comfortable around the house. He approaches people and sniffs at their feet. He sprints across the room, comes to a complete stop, does a spin or a flip and then acts like I'm the crazy one. Last night he discovered that the couch has an underneath space. At least he's safe from the kids. Depending on their mood, they have been known to chase the poor bunny...

Having goats is amazing. They are like little...people? No, not quite. But they do have distinct personalities. Jerry, the Saanen, is the leader. She's Type-A. She's always hungry and ready to leap and bound. Yesterday, the weather was beautiful and I was able to let them out of the barn for a while. I put them in the garden (they've begun to wander off if left in the yard). Jerry began running and soaring into the air. It was the cutest thing. Brownie, the Nubian, is much sweeter. She's quieter and tends to follow Jerry around. She loves to nuzzle. She loves attention. She'd sit and let you hold her forever.

I have always thought it was gross when pet owners let their animals lick their faces or kiss them. However, these goats are my babies. They nibble on my hair and I don't mind the least bit. We rub noses and I get kisses. It's hilarious and beautifully sweet.

Eli's not that into the goats. Odin is another story. He'd spend all day out there with them if I let him.

I'm going to have them disbudded, for our safety and theirs. It's been a difficult decision, but one that is best for our situation. As much as I don't want to witness this, I am making myself. For, if they have to go through it, so do I. It doesn't seem fair to remove myself from the pain I will cause them. Jerry is almost ready to be disbudded. I just have to make the call...

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