Thursday, March 18, 2010

Another Year in Gardening

It's almost time for tilling the garden again! I plan on calling my father-in-law to come and do it. I could do it by hand, but I would rather not.

My plan is to plan pumpkins out in front - far, far away from my garden. Last year the darned things took over and drowned my watermelon, cantaloupe and pickling cukes. I also plan on placing my zucchini in another area of the yard, too. Nothing seems to want to eat them, so I think they'll be safe. I might put a wire fence around, but nothing too serious. I bought some organic soil, seed starter pots and a soil tester kit. I just this second thought of using an old Rubbermaid trash can to house potatoes. Maybe I'll do that for carrots, too. Hmmm.

I have some thinking to do...I'll be back when I have it all figured out.

My father-in-law tilled and I planted peas!

March 26 - I found my camera! It had fallen between the filing cabinet and wall. I have uploaded some lovely garden pictures...I heart Spring.
My Daffodils are up!

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