Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Things to do with Goat Milk

My mind has been racing...what to do with all the goat's milk I will have. Hmmmm.
I will have fresh, raw goat's milk. Drink it. I've never had it, but I will. Cheese. Oh. My. Goodness. I love goat cheese. I am looking forward to a never ending supply of it. I'm very excited. But, I can only eat so much cheese (or can I???). I've got it...SOAP! Several years ago I tried my hand at soap making. I loved it. My life was a mess and I just couldn't keep up. My life is still a mess...but it's a kid mess, not a crazy single girl mess. I have plans, man, plans. I got rid of all my soap making supplies, but I still can feel the magic in my blood. I'm sure I'll drive the husband insane, but, really, how would that differ from anything that I do now?

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The Stone Age Techie said...

If you have any extra cheese, I would trade it for some of our extra eggs :-)
I look forward to hearing more about the soap too, goat's milk soap is one of my favorite things.
Good luck with all your new animal friends, and projects!