Sunday, March 28, 2010

My kids make me laugh

A little while ago, my boys were in the tub making up a language. I'm heard, "Ah-t-us - means I'm cooking them right now." Their bath water is a blue green from the markers they drew on themselves with. Odin covered his face, hands and arms with "tattoos". Eli decided to draw his skeleton. He got down to his underwear and even drew in the ribs. There were only 3 sets, but that's okay. Or maybe it was 3 sets of a six-pack. Either way, it was brilliant.

I noticed today that Silas is beginning to say, "What's that?" He points and makes sounds similar to "wasstha". Good enough. It's beautiful. He also has discovered that if you throw something it lands on the floor and remains there. He thinks this is hysterical, as do I.

My children amaze me almost daily. The things they are enamoured with and the things they couldn't care less about.

The family went to an art show today specifically to watch some drummers. I can't remember the groups name, but they play those bongo-like drums. Maybe they were bongos. I have no idea. The boys were into it for about a minute. After the group was done, it was time for us to join in on the fun and drum with the group. Eli enjoyed it for one song. Odin was done before it even began. I thought they'd be really into it...banging on things and makin' noise.
What they were really into came later...sitting on the couch after their baths in their jammies; Eli "reading" a book to Odin. After the first book, they grabbed another, There's a Wocket in My Pocket, and enjoyed that one, too.
I love those little moments. Sometimes better than the big ones.

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