Tuesday, March 16, 2010

After the conversations regarding choices and homeschooling, parenting and life, I have had this week alone, I have simply come to the conclusion that I do not want a label...at all. Although, if I had to choose one I’d choose “whole-life learner” or “comprehensive living”…thanks, Adele! I love being a part of a group, but I don’t want to be judged or defined by what that means. I love conversing and learning with such dynamic people as the ones I have surrounded myself, and my children, with. I have chosen this path for my family and I am okay with that. I am more than okay with it. I wish I could crusade for more people to make homeschooling just work. It is such a liberating thing. The husband and I were discussing how much we have learned about ourselves, our children and the world around us in our journey to educate our children. It's been so absolutely amazing.
Unschooling is such a wonderful concept that frees the restrictions that behind-a-desk-five-subjects-a-day education has imposed. Children are free to be themselves. They are free to make choices. They are free to be independent. They are free to be passionate. Maybe it should be called Freeschooling. Ironically enough, to be a part of the unschooling community you have to abide by certain criteria. Individuals have been chastised and ousted because of their non-unschooling thoughts...if only thought or spoken for a moment.
The term "unschooling" also has a negative sound to it, as I discussed with Adele and the husband on separate occasions. There should be more optimism in the name given to the way we have chosen to school, educate or facilitate our children and their choices.

I have to interrupt myself. I just did a search for "freeschool" and there is such a thing...
Link#1 and Link#2. I haven't actually read through the sites, but I will.

I will provide my children with the means to pursue whatever their little, kind and beautiful souls desire. I will encourage their passions with minimum influence. By this, I mean if my son draws me a picture or builds a sandcastle or plays the harmonica, I will refrain from telling him it's the most beautiful thing I have ever seen (that will more than likely be a flat-out lie). I think doing that creates the feeling, to the child, that the activity is pleasing to me, so it should be continued. It's not about what I like...it's about their passions and loves and desires and needs and wants. It's about them.

This whole incredible journey is about them. Their minds, bodies, lives, beings...they are in my hands. I am holding myself accountable for the choices I make regarding their lives. I am making the choice to homeschool. I am making the choice to let them be themselves. If it goes awry...well, maybe a Popsicle will make it all okay again...and then, maybe not.


Adele said...

as always. . .great blog!

bugsboysandbooboos said...

Thanks, Adele! It's always so great to get a comment, especially a lovely one. :)