Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I Heart Freecycle

I came across Freecycle accidentally. I can't recall if I was posting on Craigslist or searching. Either way, an individual I began conversing with mentioned Freecycle. Walah! The introduction was made.

Freecycle is amazing. The premise behind it is to cycle your unwanted treasures to someone else...for free. Recycle, Reuse, Renew! Unfortunately, I found Freecycle after I purged all my unnecessary items from our lives this past Fall. I threw A LOT of stuff away. However, I'm always purging something.

Most recently it's baby stuff. The little one is growing out of stuff...exersaucers, bouncy seats, etc. I tried selling some items to Children's Orchard, but they generally do not accept anything that is older than five years. My mother had a bunch of stuff that she bought when my nephew was born...six years ago. Nothing can be resold. With recalls, expiration dates - on car seats, and such, nothing will go for a price. No biggie.

I have managed to make some lovely women happy by accepting their willingness to reuse what I have no need for. Today, for example, I was able to shutter my house. Someone gave away enough shutters for my entire house. I had planned on buying them...I managed to save my household a TON of cash. I also was able to get a 1/4 cord of wood from another Freecycler. Not only is the practice amazing, but so aren't the people. There are groups for every corner of the continent...just about. The shutter guy, Jim, was a wonderful man who is moving to Pennsylvania. Turns out, he and his wife homeschooled their 17-year-old daughter. He had 2 beautiful hens that should have, um, passed away years ago. He let Eli feed them cherry tomatoes. The wood guy, Dennis, donned a tye-dyed t-shirt. He chose me because of my email address. He thought it was funky.

Dennis said something to me that inspired this post, "it [Freecycle] just hasn't caught on yet!"
It's definitely not as prominent as Craigslist, but it's on its way.

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