Monday, March 29, 2010

I Love Spring, Even in The Rain

I do. I absolutely love Spring. The first signs still make me smile every year. The buds on trees. The first signs of the Crocus and Daffodils in my yard. I love planting seeds and watching them grow. I'm always amazed at how quickly they pop up, or how they never show up at all! I used a little "greenhouse" bought at Home Depot, with the peat discs in them. Eli was amazed at the expansion once the water was poured in. The sunflower seeds he planted began to sprout almost immediately. Well, at day five I had to remove the cover of the greenhouse because they were so large, but then I decided to put them some place else because the rest of the seeds hadn't sprouted yet. On day seven, yesterday, they were even taller. Today, at eight days old, they are 8" tall. It's amazing to me that they are growing so fast. If I don't watch out, I'm going to have full-grown sunflowers indoors! The broccoli, which never sprouted in the garden last year (or did and I just thought it was a weed...) has sprouted, too. They are half the size of the sunflowers. The tomatoes sprouted 2 days ago and are half the size of the broccoli. The peppers, I am sad to say, are still underground. Or, under peat. My fingers are crossed.
My other favorite sign of Spring is the appearance of the tree frogs. Every year they come and hang out on my door. It's a hilarious and lovely surprise. Frogs are attracted to bugs. Bugs are attracted to are the frogs attracted to light in hoping that there may be a bug or two hanging out? I love that the tree frogs have chosen my well-lit glass door to chill out on. Sometimes there will be a tree frog on my door for days in a row. We also have toads, but we don't see them until the Summer, hopping around. Last year the boys caught some baby ones. Oh, and that reminds me of the snakes...garter and milk varieties. Can't wait.

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