Thursday, January 14, 2010

Yay For Broccoli!!!

I love broccoli. Alone or with some sort of sauciness. I love it. Growing up, I was not unlike the hoards of children who chanted "no more vegetables" when it came time for dinner. Now that I resemble a grown up and have lost many of my taste buds, I adore the veggie. There are so many health benefits to eating broccoli as well. I do prefer the flower to the stem, but I'll eat them both. I introduced broccoli early on to my children. I made my own baby food for my children and incorporated broccoli into their diets. With my oldest, I added broccoli after I had introduced all the other suggested first foods. My second got it a little earlier than the first. Baby number three has had baby oatmeal and rice. They both bind him a bit. The pediatrician suggested prunes. He hated them. I abided by the 4-day rule and offered them for 4 days. He really did not like them. I mixed them in with the cereal and still...nothing. I then went to broccoli. I mixed a tablespoon of pureed broccoli in with the cereal, warmed it and he LOVED it! It has loosened his bowels a bit, but not too much. He waves his little arms in the air when I begin spooning the food into his mouth. Happy baby.
I bought a food mill. I was able to get a great deal on it. While grocery shopping at Hannaford's before Christmas, I walked by a clearance stack - 75% off. And glistening on the top, was the infamous food mill I had my eye on. I was able to walk out of the store with it for the bargain price of $6.50. So fabulous! I love Kid Co's electric food mill. It's easy to use and does a great job. There are five pieces. The skid-proof base, the container, the cover, the power source (the big white part that says KidCo) the blade and a piece that attaches the blade to the cover and power source. There is a turbo button that makes everything "super speedy and fast", as my older kids say. It's easy to clean. I just throw everything into the sink, except for the power source. Electric cords plus water equals bad. I did make the mistake of throwing it into the sink with the husband's dirty lunch containers and the skid-proof bottom got speckled with pasta sauce. Ugh. That's okay, though. No one's grading me on how clean I keep the food mill...or are they? I think I might have to get the travel food mill with carrying case! It would be so great to have in restaurants and when we go to my mother's house. Actually, it might be useful to get another mill to keep at my mother's house, since she watches the kids all the time. I'm just hoping Hannaford's is having another sale soon....

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