Thursday, January 14, 2010

National Day

I joined a homeschool group via Yahoo Groups. I am a member of New England Unschoolers, Quiet Corner Homeschoolers, Village of Great Milford Homeschoolers and Worcester HEN. My oldest son, Eli, has been yearning for outside activity. His friends are all in preschool or Kindergarten now. I figured it was about time to join a group.
A friend of mine said it perfectly, "the mommies are hard." And they can be. I can be, too, so I get it. It's always intimidating coming into a new group of mommies. So I signed up for these groups and walah, instant friends. Seriously. I have been an active member of these groups for less than a month. I have signed up for a field trip, a project day (National Day) and two playdates.
Eli and I participated in National Day with the folks from Quiet Corner Homeschoolers out of Connecticut. Our project needed to be about a state. Eli wanted to do Massachusetts. Awesome opportunity for him to learn about the place he lives. We worked on it for three days...we came into it a little late. Eli, being 4, didn't really know what Massachusetts was all about, so I did the choosing when it came to what we wanted to showcase. We had visited the aquarium last summer, even though he doesn't really remember it. The Boston Tea Party was another idea. I told him, "People got angry because they didn't want to pay more money, so they threw tea into the ocean." Eh. He chose to make a guy into a Boston Bruin. Good times. We met a lot of other families. An older girl made Eli cry. Then he made a friend. Throughout our time there Eli said to me a few times, "Mom, I'm fine. Can you go over there?" While motioning away from him. Um...okay, kid. I'll go stand awkwardly over there.

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