Monday, January 18, 2010

Three Little Pigs

This morning we read The Three Little Pigs. Eli started handing out roles and wanted to act out the story. Um, I wasn't feeling very dramatic, so I suggested recreating the story via construction paper, cardboard and glue. It's 11:30 a.m. now. We started this before 10 a.m. and he hung in there for the hour and a half arts and crafts session. He got distracted by Between the Lions and took off. That's okay, because the glue has to dry before we can continue. Plus, it's almost time for lunch. Plus, I haven't showered ... I should do that.
This was such a cute and fun project for us to do. We used construction paper for the straw, sticks and bricks. I started out rolling pieces of paper to make the sticks. Then I remembered that we have craft sticks. Duh. So we used a combination of the two. We made little piggies. We haven't completed it all just yet. We still need one pig and a Big Bad Wolf. I think Eli mentioned something about him being the wolf, so we'll see. I grabbed some boxes of tea and emptied the bags into zippered baggies. Then, I found a baby oatmeal box, emptied the contents and used the box. Whenever using a lot of glue, I use old cookie sheets covered in aluminum foil for their work area. It lessens the mess and you don't have as much difficulty moving the projects from the table to another drying area. Win, win.

Odin, being 2 1/2 was with us for a half hour doing his own cutting and gluing. Then he got distracted. I started giving him scissors almost a year ago. He is pretty proficient now at cutting a straight line. I've discovered that if you think something is too advanced for a kid then they'll think the same. Give them a chance. Give your 18 month old scissors. Watch him carefully, of course. In time, he'll figure it out. Don't push, and don't pull. Try it. He'll let you know when he's done. Odin tests...he'll start to cut things that are not his hair, skin or clothes. He'll put the tip of the scissors on the inappropriate thing and look up... Okay, now you're telling me you're done. Peace out, homeslice. Make sure you're using blunt tipped scissors. Don't make the mistake that children's scissors are not sharp, though. I use them to cut fabric because my gigantic, pointy-tipped ones are duller. If you're not comfortable with metal scissors, the Melissa and Doug set is great.

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