Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Organize My Calendar

I've said this before...I am a great organizer.  I can chart, plan, graph and PowerPoint with the best of them.  On paper, I can be amazing!  In real life, I show up a week early for my son's nature class, I arrive late for play dates, I don't shower every day and sometimes I'm lucky my kids find food to eat. 
There is one thing that has helped keep me on track: A Calendar.  Not just a calendar the oil company dropped off to promote their business.  This is a simple calendar that I created on Excel to fit my family's needs.  It works as long as I put in the right information (i.e. the day Eli's nature class starts was not yesterday, but next week). 

There are rows for each family member.  I also highlight each thing for each member in a different color.  Yes, I'm pink.  And no, nature class did not start on the 6th.

I print out on two sheets of card stock and then glue them together.  I had to use extra strong magnets to hold up the calendar. 

Merging cells together when the boys all have one activity. 
 I used to have a planner.  I'd forget it in the car or would forget to write things in it because it was in my bag, far, far away in another room.  I used to use the calendar on my phone, but then I couldn't see it simply by turning my head.  And I've lost my phone.  I'm pretty sure the fridge isn't going places.  I've also tried Outlook or another online calendar.  But if I'm not on the computer, or if the power is out, or whatever other far fetched thing could happen, I won't have access to it.  And one else could see it either.  No one else really looks at this one, but I can always say..."it's on the calendar"...with my head tilted to the side and eyebrows raised.
Finding what works for you and your family is key. 

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Tina said...

I suddenly feel so disorganized!