Monday, September 5, 2011

Magic School Bus On The Ocean Floor

The second meeting of The Magic School Bus science club convened the other day.  We read On the Ocean Floor.  I really love Ms. Frizzle.  She's so goofy.
We met the day after Hurricane Irene hit, so there were three families this time around.  It was the perfect reason to leave our powerless and waterless house. 

Using straws to make waves in bins of water. 

Creating a hydrometer to compare the density of freshwater to saltwater.

Adding salt to see how the water's density changes.
Looks fabulous, right?  Photography is tricky that way.  The hydrometer experiment did not work.  I think it was more disappointing for the parents than for the kids.  The kids just took off and played.  They had fun making the waves, though.  But that quickly ended when the straws turned into implements in helping to shoot water at people.  And my kid other kids started drinking the water being spit out by the other kids. 
Things I love about being around friends and homeschooling:
Being around friends - having the support and knowledge.
Loving the environment - nurturing and loving.
Things that are challenging about being around friends and homeschooling:
Those darned kids are more apt to run off and play than to sit down and do their work!!!

And bee stings...  being outside really is dangerous.  Note to self * Do not let children throw balls at bees' nests. 
Or let them and see what lessons they have learned at the end of the day. 
To make a hydrometer, go here.

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