Thursday, September 22, 2011

Another Round of Apple Picking

We pick apples.  A lot.  More like, I run around and pick apples while the kids eat them, chase one another and roll around on the ground.  Either way, it's fun had by all.  I get my apples.  The kids get exercise and healthy food.  What more could you ask for?
One of our favorite places to visit is Wojick's.  It's a family run farm with a good variety of apples.  They, unlike Tougas Family Farm, spray pesticides liberally.  I asked someone there if they spray their apples.  She looked at me, dead pan, and said, "Yes.  Make sure to wash your apples before eating them."  I try not to buy produce that's sprayed, however, spraying means cheaper.  I own soap and have access to water.  We simply wash our apples prior to consuming.  By cheaper, I mean 50% cheaper than other places that practice IPM (Integrated Pest Management) or follow organic practices.  I'm all for organic, but when I'm putting up quart after quart of applesauce, I simply cannot afford organic.  Now that I'm all on the defensive...
Wojick's has a tractor/wagon ride that was Silas' favorite.  He would have liked to ride it all day long.  There's also a corn maze.  And they're open at night, in the dark.  Spooky!  We'll be heading there tomorrow night if the rain holds off. 
I've also discovered a feature on my camera that "enhances" my pictures.  I think I found my new love.  Eli was there, I swear.  He was just more interested in not being near the camera. 

Fun with corn husks, a la Charlie Chaplin...

My little farmer boy

You love the enhancements, don't you?  You should.  My life seems so much prettier with them. 

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