Monday, September 5, 2011

The Magic School Bus A Journey into the Human Body, Tim and Ralphie's #1 Experiments

I'm pretty sure we read Inside the Human Body.  I just can't seem to find the book anywhere.  To supplement my imagination the book, we bought one of the Young Scientists Club Magic School Bus kits, A Journey into the Human Body.  There are 12 experiments and/or activities.  A lot of the supplies are included.  You need to provide things like tape, paper, pencil, vegetable oil, 2-liter soda bottle, water, stop watch, food items, and paper plate.  These activities are pretty simple and straight forward in a way my five-year-old can understand.  We rolled our shoulders around and then rolled around the ball and socket joint. 
I also got a unit study lesson and activity book at a curriculum sale.  If you like worksheets, or if your kids like worksheets, these are great additions to the learning.  The beginning sheets test your current knowledge on the body.  It's a nice way to see what you learn by the end.  For instance, we have no idea what the gall bladder does.  By the end of this month I'm anticipating that we know exactly what it does.  Odin, however, remembered that the gall bladder from the chicken processing was green. 
We watched National Geographic's Incredible Human Machine.  My kids are on the younger side and got bored during some parts and ran outside to play for ten-minute stretches.  Then they came back in and watched some more.  Towards the end of the film the topic of reproduction is broached.  I was actually relieved, despite being a doula, that they were outside at that moment.  I just am not ready for "But HOW does the sperm meet the egg???"

Tim's Experiment #1 in the background (bones in vinegar) and Eli working on Ralphie's Experiment #1.

Ball and socket joint

Wanda's Activity - life sized poster

A worksheet from the unit study book and the kit.

Science/Literature Unit book

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