Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Husband's Creations

"Daddy, can you make me something?"
This is what the husband hears weekly.  He always obliges, making 3 exact things for the boys.  He made the mistake of bringing home one thing for one boy one day.  I thought there might have been carnage.  Lessons have been learned.  Three.  Not one.
I have mixed feelings about the husband making things for the boys.  One day he came home with these crazy weapons.  "Well, they asked for these..." is the response I got when I freaked about DSS coming to take the children away.
Some things he makes are just pretty great.
Bow number 1

Eli and Bow number 2 - PVC pipe

Nuts and bolts robot.  It actually showed us that in order to move one part, you needed to move others.  Tricky.

A bug
 ...ignore the leaves in my sill...

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