Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Homemade Christmas Ornaments

I made this little guy on a whim.  We started out making snowmen with the large sized pom poms.  Then our snowmen needed scenes, trees and santas.  This santa was pretty easy to make.  The head is a pom pom.  The body is a pom pom wrapped in a square of red felt.  The arms and legs are rolled up pieces of felt.  The boots are triangular pieces of black felt glued to the leg to look like a boot.   The hat is a triangular piece of felt wrapped around the pom pom and glued together.  Everything is hot-glued together.  I like hot glue. 
This was our Christmas tree ornament.  It's stuffed with Poly-fil, hot-glued and beaded.  I had more insight to take pictures of the tree.  The santas went by so fast I didn't even think of documenting every step. 

Lastly, we experimented with an ornament idea from another site.  The melted snowman ornament.  Too cute of an idea.  I tried.  I don't know if I need an industrial sized hot glue gun, but I couldn't get the glue out fast enough before the existing glue started to cool and harden.  Hers are much cuter than mine.  This is what ours ended up looking like:
Not very cute.  Now I have a zillion little black hats...  

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