Tuesday, October 4, 2011

You're Eating Maggots, Michael...

Whenever I hear the word maggots, I think of that movie with Keifer Sutherland as a vampire.  "You're eating maggots, Michael", he says to an unsuspecting contender while he's eating rice out of a Chinese take-out box.  Lost Boys.  A classic of the 80's, in my book anyway.  I was bringing our trash barrel back from curbside and I noticed this horrible smell.  I never, ever have cleaned our trash barrel.  It's this supersized barrel the trash collectors loan to their customers.  We throw our bags in and call it a day.  This day, I looked inside.  I almost vomited.  At the bottom were maggots.  And not just maggots...plump, smelly maggots.  I was so grossed out.  As you can see, the barrel isn't excessively dirty.  It's a trash barrel that remains outside, for goodness sake.  Some vinegar, soap and hot water later, I now have a much cleaner, less smelly barrel.  These things are hard to clean, too.  I am certainly not climbing in to give it a good scrub.  Blech.

The little yellowy things are maggots.  Hundreds of them.
And in case a picture isn't enough...here's a video.  My kids even thought it was gross...and that's saying something.
I'm not the best videographer and it was taken with my phone, so it's not the best quality, but you get the picture.  Blech...again.
What have we learned?  Keep that trash barrel clean, momma.

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