Monday, October 3, 2011

Worcester Ecotarium


Bear Skulls

Shark and Whale teeth

Tide Pool
 I love going places with my boys, I really do.  What I don't like is how fast they move through everything.  This time I really tried to grab their attention and make them stop and really see what was there.  Eli, my oldest, was more apt to stop and take note.  The others just zoomed.  Luckily the Ecotarium is small enough where they could zoom and I could still keep track of them with only a small number of patrons knowing the names of my children.  Our favorite was the curator's exhibit where they could touch and hold shark's teeth, porcupine quills, skulls, huge pine cones, snakeskin and so much more. 
Unfortunately, their polar bear passed away back in January and their fox den was empty for revamping.  And we missed the train ride... 
If you head out there, check their website for the train schedule. 

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