Monday, October 3, 2011

Hands on Nature class

We love nature.  Eli is in 3 different nature classes.  Each one brings a different world view of nature.  There are different kids, teachers and locales. 
This particular one is a 40 minute ride away.  It's run by a fabulous woman, who has boys of her own, named Heather.  And fortunately, Odin gets to join in on the fun.  It's his first class.  Like in soccer, he clung to me.  Then I had to bring Silas to the bathroom.  When I came back I could hear Odin talking to Heather halfway down the hall.  I stopped and listened.  He was very conversational and participatory...without me being there.  As soon as I stepped back into the room he was at my side.  What have we learned here, mom?  Leave the kids be.  I tagged along with them on their walk.  Next time, though, I'll be dropping them off and leaving so they can fully enjoy the experience without me.  I'd love to be able to help facilitate their adventures, but it seems my presence is more of a hindrance for Odin.

Writing in his nature journal

Taking time out for a snack

Deer markings

In the stream


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