Sunday, October 23, 2011

Halloween 2011...

I love Halloween.  It encompasses a super fun transition from the warmer to the cooler days.  Some might just say, "I love Fall."  But, my love for the season ends when it's too cold to go outside without a jacket and all the leaves are off the tree.  I do not love the Thanksgiving season.  Granted, there are 4 seasons, but the holidays around this time categorize a season more than the season itself.  I love the Christmas season, too.  I do not love the bitter cold days of January and February.  And the Valentine season just doesn't really exist.  Tax season, now there's a season to look forward to!
I'll stop being fresh now.

Starburst Fangs

This is the man I married...

Halloween festivities are never complete without face painting.

Our spooky window #1

Spooky window #2

Worms...because worms are scary. 

 Back to the Halloween season...
The hubs brought the tradition of rolling out Starburst candy and cutting out teeth into our home from his childhood.  Nothing says I Love You like tooth decay.
Every year I volunteer at the local community center at their Haunted Halls.  This year was the first year the hubs brought the kids.  My four-year-old couldn't wait to go into the super haunted house.  There were 3 sections.  An activities room for the littles, a medium-scary room for the slightly older, and the super spooky haunted halls.  My oldest only wanted to stay in the littles room with me.  The other three went into the medium-scary room and fared well.  The hubs and the very eager 4-year-old ventured into the haunted halls, child yanking adult fiercely across the building with excitement!  I saw them exit.  Odin was walking slowly, eyes unblinking.  "Hey buddy, how was it?"  He looked up at his dad.  The hubs says, "It's okay, you can tell her." 
"Mom.  There was this guy.  With a chainsaw.  Trying to cut off another guys....head."
"Are you okay, man?  Will I need to send you to therapy in a few years?"
"I was scared, mom." He gives me a big hug and then was on his way, telling his brothers all about the things he saw, telling them he wasn't scared at all. 

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