Wednesday, October 7, 2009


I have been against co-sleeping since the birth of our first son. My husband always rolls over onto me in the middle of the night, crushing my arm or punching me in the head (he says he has no idea...) so we didn't think putting a baby next to him would be a good idea. Also, we like our space while sleeping. I need to be able to move around and stretch about.

We are now 3 children happier. All have slept in cribs since 7 weeks old. This has worked well for us. We have remained happy. Our children have slept and kept ritualistic bedtimes. They are happy.

When we brought baby number three home it was just easier to have him sleep downstairs in the pack and play. The boys all share a room. There is no bathroom upstairs. The head of our bed abuts a slanted roof - it was almost impossible for me to nurse upright. And I am completely uncomfortable nursing lying down. I slept downstairs on the couch for two months until Silas started sleeping through the night.

Meanwhile, Odin, the wonderfully cuddly middle child, began creeping into bed with Daddy. Daddy thought it was terribly cute and did not discourage him. Two months later, I return to the scene and there is Odin. This was almost two months ago.

Every night we put him to bed in his own bed. And every night at approximately eleven o'clock, he wakes up. I put him back into his bed. Then, somewhere between one a.m. and 4 a.m. he creeps back out. Depending upon how tired I am, I return him back to his bed. Some nights it is three or four times. I figured the behavior would dissipate into nothingness. That's a negative.

Tonight I said, "screw it" and put him to bed in our bed. OUR bed. *groan*.

I have thought about putting up a gate at our door. But, I just can't block him, or his brother, from coming into our room. What if they really need me?

For now, I'll just enjoy that he wants to be near me...and enjoy the morning "massage" I get when he gently kicks my back and then "writes" the ABC's with his little finger between my shoulder blades.

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