Sunday, December 6, 2009

We might wash our hands a little more...

There's nothing like a smack in the face to get you back into a groove. Or a science experiment.

We did the old moldy bread experiment. I wanted to show my kids how gross our hands are and the importance of handwashing.

I told Eli to grab a slice of bread and rub his grubby little hands all over it. He had been playing outside with other kids. He also used the bathroom and did not wash afterwards.

I got the other slice of bread out of the bag with tongs and placed it into a plastic bag. Eli put the grubby bread into another bag.

We squirted a little bit of water into the bags, then sealed them. This is what appeared a week later...

The green mold I've seen before. What in the world is the yellow mold?! In person, it looks similar to a fried egg - white around it with yellow in the middle. And the yellow is raised. Gross. We wash our hands almost obsessively now. My kids weren't grossed out. I doubt they had any idea, even after I explained it. I, on the other hand, wanted to take a shower.

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