Monday, October 5, 2009

Eli's Wolverine Birthday

Kid's birthday parties should be illegal. Those and high school, but that's another story. My darling little soon-to-be-four-years-old son has decided he wants a Wolverine birthday party. Wolverine, as of the X-Men, not simply the animal...that might be easier. It is not in my nature go out and buy mass produced Wolverine items. I can't. Although, I still might if time is of the essence and I feel stressed enough...I can't buy a cake with an edible picture of Wolverine on it. Plus, the Wolverine leader has decided he wants a blue-frosted cake with a chocolate-vanilla-honey cake inside. Um...yeah.

While organizing some kitchen cabinet space today I found a Pampered Chef checkerboard cake pan. Yay! Now, to find a Vanilla honey cake recipe. Maybe a pound cake? I had planned on doing cupcakes...that still might be do-able with a double batter. I'll have to make test ones soon.

Not only is the party Wolverine themed, it's Halloween themed as well. Halloween is easier and less monotonous. I think as long as I do a Wolverine theme for the boy's cake he'll be cool. The rest can be Halloweeny. I don't think I'll be able to keep this party thing up with 3 boys. I might have to go back to keeping the celebrations within the family while the kids are little. Especially with the other two boys having their birthdays less than a month apart. Oh, the trials and tribulations of motherhood...

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