Tuesday, September 22, 2009

playgroup menus

I started hosting a weekly playgroup. I love having other moms over. I love having children running around amok. I love the variety of personalities and age differences. I love playing hostess. I ran into a snafu, if you wish, in planning the lunch. Snacks I can do. Cookies, fruit, breads. It's all yummy. My kids don't like lunchmeat. I refuse to serve mac and cheese from a box to guests. We have nut allergies, so no pb & j's. Last week I served Sweet and Sour Sloppy Joe's. Yum. Onion, garlic, red peppers, ketchup, bbq sauce and ground turkey/chicken. It's so easy and delish. Everyone BUT my kids ate it. This week, I made the mistake of going with a craving to relive my honeymoon and make a Costa Rican dish I haven't made in years. I didn't have 2 ingredients, but made it anyway. I ate it. No one else did. Oops. The kids tried it, but it was too spicy for them. Something that I didn't take into consideration while making it. I should have known as I was measuring out the Tabasco sauce. Also, it tasted nothing like the wonderfully flavorful Gallos Pintos I had every morning in the mountains of Costa Rica. Next week, maybe I'll just make grilled cheese and tomato soup...from a can.

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