Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Body Painting

While Summer has left, the memories have been preserved for years to come. We recently painted our house. While we were busy painting, I needed something to occupy my almost-four-year-old. He wanted to paint. We let him help paint the house, but that didn't hold his attention for very long.

And it was probably best that we redirected his artistic tendencies...

I gave him acrylics and a piece of wood. I suggested he use his feet, but he used his whole body instead. The husband had to walk away. He cannot stomach the mess and craziness of it all. I loved it. This was such a great activity for him. We've done painting activities like this before, but this one can be saved forever. Or at least until it falls apart. I have plans to slather a water sealing solution over the whole thing. It's in my garden right now. He glued some seashells to it once it was done drying. It will serve as a lovely piece in my vegetable garden for years to come.

For that day, though, it served as a homemade Slip and Slide...

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