Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Old Sturbridge Village

Here is a place just about every school in Massachusetts visits on a field trip. I'm pretty sure I went there every year in elementary school. The only memory I have of the place is rock candy. Today we visited and I'm pretty sure I gave my boys that same memory. But I now have very different ones. Old Sturbridge Village hosts a homeschool day twice a year. Today was one of those days. They reduced their price from $20 to $7. How can you beat that? They hosted a vast array of activities throughout the day. It was a beautiful day...I couldn't have asked for a better one. We packed a lunch. I decided against the soynut butter and jam sandwiches and threw a pork roast in the crock yesterday and tossed some bbq sauce over it. We brought pulled pork sandwiches, carrot sticks, apples and leftover chicken tenders from yesterdays lunch. We dropped off the baby at my mom's and left an hour later than planned...but doesn't that always happen in my house?
We played Les Graces, or Flying Hoops. The boys loved it. Odin got distracted by the slate blue turkeys roaming around, but Eli and the husband played for a little while. We churned some butter, posed for pictures, visited the Cooper and the Potter. We ate lunch on the Common, watched the muskets being fired, bought some pistols and rock candy, milked a fake cow, made a tin candle holder and smelled a variety of herbs in the herb garden. Oh, and don't forget the baker and the candlestick maker...sorry, no butcher. There is much more to do than what we did. The husband and I plan on visiting without the children. Much as we love them, they have no interest in listening to someone talk about something they simply cannot fathom, like "a hundred years ago..." The boys love their pistols and ran around shooting one another all day. These are the first guns I've bought the boys... After I read an article on PBS.com, I am not so reluctant to give my child weapons. Not that everything you read is right, but it makes sense. I make them fight now, pit them against one another. I'm joking...sort of.

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