Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A little kitchen organization

I have taken the plunge and decided to organize my kitchen bit by bit. It's the little things that are getting a bit crazy, making the bigger things seem so much more hectic and out of control. I can give partial thanks to Erin, from $5dinners, for inspiring me to go out and buy a Lazy Susan. Whenever I think of a Lazy Susan I revert back to my childhood where the corner cabinet in our kitchen had one. And it was terrible and unorganized. It was also a dull mustard yellow. Now, you can buy Lazy Susan's, or simple turntables, and sometimes a carousel to appease every one's tastes. There are ones made from teak, marble, crystal, and stainless steel. They are double- or single-tiered. I really like the slate one from Stacks and Stacks...and if you are a Upromise member, you get 4% "back" on eligible purchases.

Here's my "snack" cabinet. I am in the process of renaming it my "baker's" cabinet. Eventually, I would like the majority of our snacks to be homemade. This was the state of the cabinet as of late. It's actually not too bad since I started baking cookies instead of buying them. I bought two bamboo stacking shelves by Mainstays. I made use of the glass canisters I had just sitting empty on my counter. I mean, they were just sitting there, so why not?
We bought a small and very old home. We have very little storage space. There is not a single closet on the main floor. I have very little cabinet space, too. The cabinet above was bought at Lowe's this past spring. I need more cabinets. I'd love about 6 more. I don't know if the husband will go for that though...
We also have very little counter space. My spices and such are strewn across the counter. So awful, but very little choice in the matter. Back to the Lazy Susan...I bought a double-tiered deal from Walmart. Bamboo, to match the shelves, even though they are nowhere near one another. I also hung the fire extinguisher that has been sitting there since last November. Some things just get pushed aside for more important matters, like getting pee out of the rug or coloring with the kids. I also decided to put the bread in the breadbox. Again, it was just sitting there, empty. I should really make use of things instead of storing stuff on top.

Ants. Sugar ants. They started out in the playroom. I treated for them. Then they started coming in from the back of the medicine cabinet in the bathroom. I treated for them. Now, they have made their way into my kitchen. I am treating for them now. Terminix came and treated last week, but they kept coming and now they have begun to appear in the bathroom again. It's really annoying and slightly disgusting. My house is clean, I swear. It's just cluttered and small. Very small. Very, very small. Have I mentioned how small it is? It's fine for what we need it for right now. Our children are small. We have no plans to move. I'm wondering how we'll fare with three teenage boys in it. I sweat with anxiety just thinking about it...
The dark ring in the middle is a bunch of sugar ants dining on what will hopefully cause their demise. If you are a member of PETA, I, respectfully, don't want to hear it.

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