Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Springs and Verniers

The husband is pretty cool.  I think I'm a bit biased, but that's okay.  The kids think he's pretty cool, too.  Not just because when they ask for stuff he gives it to them, but because he spends time with them exploring and discussing.  "Daddy, can we do something with you?  Not like toy stuff, but like work stuff."  The next day, the husband has put together an activity that amazes and puts him high on a pedestal, yet again.  This happens about once a month, which is probably just enough for the husband's sanity, and his ego.  I'm creating activities, working in curriculum and making the most of each moment all day long, or at least once a day.  It's a new sort of experience for the husband.  But, when he does do it, he does it well.


Springs and things.
I didn't make it outside fast enough to capture the kids on film sitting on the springs and bouncing.  What's more fun than that? 

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