Monday, August 1, 2011

Mini Zookeepers

While killing some time last week, I brought the two youngest to a park I've been meaning to head out to.  The World War II Memorial Park in North Attleboro.  My oldest was attending a camp nearby, so I needed something to do without having to drive all the way back home.  So, we hit the park. 
I L O V E this park.  There is a cute little zoo, hiking trails, a playground, an amazing sand area set up like a beach and a huge, huge, huge slide.  If you haven't visited and live within an hour's drive, I suggest you go.  It's free and you could spend all day there. 

The boys petting the Nubian goat, Brownie.

My fabulous niece on the gigantic slide.

The apple hoof craft.

Odin in the garden - water shoots out of a butterfly's wings!
 On Wednesdays they host a Mini Zookeeper class for kids from 2 to 5 years old.  It's $6 per class or $30 for the six-week session.  The boys were interested, so we signed up for the day.  They got to brush some cute little goats with a variety of brushes.  The girls running the program talked to the kids about trimming hooves and taking care of goats.  After that they did a craft involving painting hoof prints with apples.  A game of animal bingo wrapped up the 45-minute class.  As the kids left they were given a bag of corn to feed the animals (there's a machine that charges 25 cents for a handful of corn) and they got to pick a small prize from a basket (bubbles, stickers, etc.).  While I would consider it pricey for all three of my kids to do every week, it was a cute thing for one day.  However, since I didn't bring Eli, he'd like to go.  It looks like we'll be heading out there again!

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Revs said...

Wow! didn't know about this place! looks awesome and fun for little ones