Sunday, August 21, 2011

Rock and Mineral Scavenger Hunt

We're so fortunate to live near some state parks.  The DCR in Massachusetts offers a variety of activities for the kids.  After planning for our Magic School Bus Inside the Earth day, I sought to supplement the learning and found the DCR's Rock and Mineral Scavenger Hunt.  Perfect!  We all showed up at Purgatory Chasm for the hunt and had such a good time.  Even some families that didn't do the Inside the Earth day came along.  There was one other family there who didn't homeschool.  Um, I'm thinking because we're all so rambunctious we scared them off...whoops!

Eli talking rock shop.

Grif found some mica!

Off to find "something that gets smaller"...

Getting the lists.

Talking about how rocks are made and where they come from.
This scavenger hunt really reinforced and complimented what we learned about in the book.  A big THANK YOU! to our guide, Katherine.  She was enthusiastic and simply amazing with this very large group of kids. 

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