Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Orange Cleaner

I use vinegar to clean everything.  Consumer Reports writes about the uses of vinegar here.  Vinegar is all natural - it's fermented goodness.  Vinegar can be used to kill weeds, add nutrients to plants, clean your house, condition your hair, as salad dressing, to prevent burns from blistering, for a sour stomach, and as an ant deterrent.  Amazing stuff that vinegar is!
I've been adding tea tree or lavender essential oils to my vinegar-water mixture for cleaning with an extra kick.  I use a 50/50 vinegar-water cleaner.  Then I'd add in 30 drops of E.O. or so to a large spray bottle. 
I love tea tree oil, but it gets expensive when you use it for everything.  I buy my oils from Mountain Rose Herbs.  I have had great success with their products as have many people I know. 
While I do love the oils, I have found a more inexpensive way to clean my house effectively and naturally.

Orange peels.  They contain limonene.  I don't have the time or the set up for steam extracting or distilling.  Instead, I throw the orange peels in vinegar and let them sit for a few weeks on my kitchen counter. 
Then I use the orange peel-vinegar solution for my tables, walls and counter tops.  The ants don't like the double dose of vinegar and orange peel.  It smells delightful.  And it's super cheap.  The kids know to throw the peels in a jar on the counter.  Then I add vinegar and let it sit.  They like to notice the difference in the vinegar week after week.  "Mom!  Look, it's changing!" 
Green Living Tips has a great site noting the uses of orange peels.  I use them to deter my cats from using my garden as a toilet.  I should really try the same with the sandbox...

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