Friday, December 18, 2009

Masculine Aprons

We do a lot of cooking together, my boys and I. We end up washing a whole lot of batter and egg covered clothing each week. I decided aprons would be a good way to go. I didn't want to put my boys in floral aprons, so I decided to make my own. I let Eli pick out the pattern...skulls with swords in their mouths. I added a pocket...not that they'll be really keeping anything in there, but who knows... These aprons also triple as capes and nifty headwear... um, really joking about the headwear, but if they are pretending to be pirates, bandanas can be worn a la Jack Sparrow. We haven't done this, but I am thinking about attaching these to the chairs, like at the right, and putting their napkins in them. I made the boys Clone Trooper cloth napkins, a few months ago, out of a set of curtains we never used. The pocket in the apron is also big enough to keep some of their personal drawing supplies. Maybe I'll make some chair covers or attachments separate from the aprons specifically for keeping their stuff in...

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