Sunday, July 3, 2011

Our "New" Camper

1987 Coleman Columbia

So much nicer than sleeping on roots and rocks.  I'm all for camping in a tent, but with 3 little ones and being OLD-er, I'm liking the camper. 
There are no amenities, so we're still cooking over a fire with a cooking grate, stick or with a small camp stove.  I can cook on a grill in my backyard, as I'm doing right now.  I want the feel of camping while camping.  I don't want the backyard-feel in someone else's woods.
We still will be using a cooler and ice to keep our food cold.  We'll still be peeing in a potty a walking distance away from our site.  Yes, I'm a mom and said, "peeing in a potty." 
After a year of craziness, I need a change of scenery...and a never ending supply of s'mores.

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