Sunday, July 10, 2011

Homemade Raw Sour Cream

We didn't go through as much milk as I had anticipated last week.  For some reason, the boys just aren't into drinking milk as much as they used to be.  Perhaps it's because I now refuse to add things into their milk to sweeten and change the flavor of it.  Hmmm, that might do it.
Our milk was going to sour on it's own, so I decided to turn it into sour cream.  I had to freeze one gallon - there was really no need for that much sour cream.  I did an Internet search and found this article on how to make sour cream from raw milk, which is what we buy.  I poured the milk into two large Mason jars, left the lids askew and placed it where it wouldn't get disturbed.  This is what I found after 36 hours:
What you're looking at, I'm assuming, is raw sour cream on the very top, clabber in the middle and whey on the bottom.  I found this article on how to make buttermilk, but clearly the pictures do not resemble mine.  However, they used a starter and I didn't. 
Almost every article or post that I find regarding buttermilk or sour cream seems to start with a starter, like this one.  I actually really like this blog.  I am really loving the recipe for Dandelion Jelly with Lemon.  I now have a new, nutritious and delicious recipe for my growing dandelion garden!
I finally found a video that sort of makes me feel better about my product.  It certainly helps that this young man is easy on the eyes.  I didn't even think of consulting my Nourishing Traditions book. 
The cream definitely smells and tastes sour.  I'm used to store-bought sour cream, but for $3.89 for a pound of it, I'd like to create my own.  I'll keep you posted...

Update 7/10, later that day:  I tried to eat the soured cream.  I wanted to throw up.  It reminded me of finding the baby's bottle under the couch who knows how many days later.  I'm headed to the farm today, so I want to get a gallon of fresh raw milk, still warm from milking, to try this with.

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