Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Blog Searches

I don't have that many followers that publicly follow.  And two of my followers are myself. 
I'm actually surprised anyone at all reads my blog.  I've always kept a journal or diary, so a blog is like a natural extension of that. 
I am not ignorant or naive. 
I know predators exist. 
I just hit the "stats" button on my blog account and found that a lot of blog hits were because of the words "naked, boy, children, potty, poop." 
I think I might throw up, cry and scream.
I felt like I had to delete a picture of my son and his little bum using the potty for the first time.  I deleted it. 
I can't make my face stop scrunching..it's so involuntary. 
I can't and don't want to even begin to imagine what these people are using these pictures for. 
I love writing and this won't deter me from doing so.  However, I now have to be careful of what pictures I post.  This makes me so sad.  This was such a happy place for me to be and share my thoughts.  Honestly, it's going to take a little while for me not to associate blogging with predators trying to look at my little boy.  And I know I can't look at my stats again. 
This is such a weird feeling...to feel violated by people you don't know, who are across oceans and using a computer to do so.  Ugh.

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Scott A. Miller said...

I read your blog!! Keep faith, things always find a way. - Scott