Saturday, June 4, 2011

Time Soldiers

We recently discovered a series of books called Time Soldiers.  These books are geared towards getting boys to read more.  My kids love books, but Eli really, really loves these books.  They are published by Big Guy Books.  They have introduced the idea of the "movie book".  Before I found the site and was introduced to that concept, I was searching the Internet for the Time Soldiers movies...but no one had them! 
We've read the books out of order, starting with number 4 - Arthur.  We got ours at the library, but Eli loved them so much that we have started a collection. 
The books are long.  And by long, I don't mean to demean literature.  But, from going from books like The Giving Tree to Time Soldiers is causing me to grab a glass of water before settling in for a read-a-loud session.  My three-year-old loses interest, as does the youngest.  They'd rather read Everyone Poops
We just finished book number 6 - Samurai and are anxiously awaiting book number 7 - Pony Express.  We still haven't read the first two, but there's plenty of time for those. 
I love that historical references are introduced in a way my son can enjoy.  The books open the door for more in depth conversations regarding medieval times or ancient japan.  We've gone on to Google other terms and topics regarding the books.  History conversations flow more easily than forced memorization of historical facts seemingly would. 
Thanks, Big Guy Books!

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