Sunday, June 26, 2011

My Little Ninja

My almost 4-year-old thinks he's a ninja.  Or a Power Ranger.  Or just someone who gets the bad guys.  I brought home a movie for me to watch (that rarely happens) and he says, "Are there bad guys in it?!"  Nope.  Sorry, dude.  "Then WHAT is it about????"  The movie happened to be Julie & Julia.  He was not interested in the least bit.  Lately, every picture I take of him involves some sort of power stance, like he's going to kick my butt. 
We were playing doctor today and it turned into him being a ninja.  He had a pretend head injury and I wrapped his head in a bandage...I should have known. 
As parents of boys, we decided early on that it's okay us to encourage their natural predisposition to being physical.  We wrestle, pretend to be ninjas, watch Power Rangers and Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon and play with and create weapons. 
Friends of ours have created a Weapons Extravaganza for the kids to partake in.  It will be a day of weaponry.  Bring your own weapons, play and have fun.  It's a great outlet for these extra physical kids to be who they are and not feel ashamed about what their impulses are. 
And yes, I own a Power Rangers t-shirt.  I am the pink ranger.  For a little while there, I had them convinced I really was.  And my husband thinks he's a ninja.  He really does.

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