Friday, June 11, 2010

Things I Have Learned Recently...

Our camera is broken. Until I get a new one, my posts will be few and far between... I feel like I need photographic evidence in order to productively post.

I have obtained some very cool bits of knowledge as of late. Cool to me, that is.

1. Caffeine leaves the tea bag after about 20 seconds of steeping. If you dump out the steeped tea and then re-steep in new water, you'll have virtually caffeine free tea.
2. Gluten is my enemy.

3. Goats sleep on their own feces for warmth.

4. My boys really are best friends.

5. Veggies from the Brassica family are iron-depleting raw. They should also not be given to goats.

6. Sauteed Arugula with olive oil and garlic, plus a dash of salt, pepper and tsp of brown sugar plus sauteed avocado is delicious.

7. I am a terrible belly dancer. Or maybe it's just that my confidence in myself has waned.

8. The jingly wrap with the coins I wear during belly dancing is fun. *shimmy, shimmy*

9. It should be that all homeschoolers are united, but they are not. Even school-at-homer's don't understand unschooling.

10. Tax issues in the town are very confusing to me. (I've never cared about such things until's mind-boggling)

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