Friday, June 4, 2010

Herbal Infusions and Vinegars

How fun! I went back to Deb Fate-Mental today. I had the chance to consume a variety of herbal infusions: Red Clover, Stinging Nettle, Rosehip and Oatstraw. The Rosehip infusion was sweeter than the rest, and a bit thicker. The Oatstraw was nice and light. The Red Clover was a nice unsweetened tea. The Stinging Nettle sat with me weird, that is until Deb said it would go well in a Miso. Yup, that's it. I immediately thought, "Salt and the beach."

We went out into the garden and cut some Comfrey. We brought it back inside and made a nice vinegar with it. The vinegar needs to sit for 6 weeks before use. Fresh herbs can be used in the vinegars while dried ones are used for the infusions. I'll be heading outside to pick some sage to start on my sage vinegar. I see gifting herbal vinegars in my future...

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