Saturday, June 5, 2010

"I won't be your best friend anymore!"

...screams my oldest to the middle child. Then he proceeds to yell, "And if you try to make me play with you, I won't!" Seven minutes later they were best friends again.
My sons love one another. They truly are each other's best friend. I can honestly say that and believe it. Having three boys, I'm curious to find out what will happen once the youngest becomes in the mix. Right now he's simply "the baby". I wonder if the bond between Eli and Odin will be replaced by a bond between Silas and Eli, or Odin and Silas, or if Silas is doomed to be the loner child...

I remember how Eli changed when we brought Odin home. We saw sides of the beautifully gentle child we once knew change into someone we had to remind to have "gentle hands" with his brother. We had to remind him that the infant reclining seat was NOT a catapult. I remember when Eli began slapping me in the face and growling. His little world changed. Now he is best friends with the baby that interrupted his peace. Silas's arrival didn't interrupt their peace so much...they have one another. They, as a team, have had to share attention.

I hope they somehow find a way to meld together and form an unique bond between the three of them.

Maybe we'll just have to have another baby...

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