Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Summarizing May

I haven't posted in awhile for two reasons. One, I have been busy enjoying the lovely weather. Two, I have been torn between several different topics. I want to post something with researched quotes and articles. I want to post things we've done in our daily lives. I want to post really personal information. Today it's raining. I haven't had time to research. My kitchen light is out and I haven't the time to go to the store and search for the bulb which we haven't had to replace since we bought the house. I can't decide what in our daily lives is more post worthy. Well, personal information is personal, no matter how much I want to yell or scream or cry or be joyful about something.
So, here I am. I come bearing a synopsis of the past month, despite it being a week and a half from over.

I did a belly cast for my first doula client. She is an amazing woman with so many great strengths. This is her second child. She is so optimistic and open to anything to create a beautiful and safe atmosphere for the arrival of her baby. This was also my first hand at casting. It came out beautiful. She has yet to sand it. When all is said and done I will be capturing it on film to post here, there and everywhere.

I am hosting a pick-up site for a somewhat local CSA. I am not buying a share, just hosting. The farmer keeps thanking me and saying he's sorry that he cannot offer me a share. I don't want a share. We have a garden. Plus, my boys would not eat that much produce a week...especially with the variety that is offered. I honestly do not know why me just offering my place as a pick-up site is such a big deal. They needed a site, I offered.

I organized a book publishing project for the homeschool group I associate with. This project was amazing. Children can create their own 12-page book online and have it printed in hard cover, soft cover or paperback. It's not actually published with an ISBN number or anything. But it's a great keepsake. And it was free. How amazing is that? Of course, I and some other parents ordered extra copies for posterity or gifts. It was really beautiful to see the children share their books with the other children and parents.

The boys and I hiked around Purgatory Chasm a couple weeks ago. I took not a single photo. Amazing. I did take plenty of pictures when we went hiking at Cochituate State Park. We decided to go there after attending a special book fair at Barnes and Noble sponsored by AHEM. A percentage of every sale went to support homeschooling. The boys chose Skippyjon Jones - the book with the character (a.k.a. stuffed animal)...each. The boys pronounce it "Skippyjonjon jones by judy shagner". The author is Judy Schachner and we love her. Well, we love Skippyjon Jones. What a great little Siamese cat who pretends he's a chihuahua with a Spanish accent. The best part is that the books come with an audio cd.

We made dye from daffodils. We built a chicken coop/run. We put the chickens outside. We got another goat. We lost the bunny. A chicken died. It's been a pretty crazy past few weeks.

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