Monday, May 24, 2010

Skippyjon Jones

We love Skippyjon Jones. I can't say it enough. We. Love. Skippito Friskito the Great Swordfighter. My kids love the adventures Skippyjon goes on. He runs into mummys, dinosaurs and aliens...all in the safety of his closet with the use
of his imagination. Skippyjon is a cat who pretends he's a dog...a chihuahua. When he is a dog, his name is Skippito Friskito...and you have to say it in a Spanish accent. He speaks partly in English and partly in
Spanish. It's enough to get my four-year-old asking what the Spanish words mean. The other day he asked me "Por que, mama?" Of course, I have to read the stories with a variety of voices. The books come with an audio CD, so it's easy to semi-mimic the voices Judy Schachner uses. Mama Junebug Jones is Southern. Well, she has a Southern accent anyway. Skippyjon writes on his bedroom kids would like to know when they can write on theirs...
I was able to acquire a Skippyjon Jones teaching packet via a site I belonged to, The Mailbox. However, you can download the same packet and print it out on your handy dandy computer at home, office or wherever you print stuff out. I actually scared my four-year-old with the mask into tears. I walked around the corner with the mask on and he looked up and screamed bloody murder. I started to laugh until the tears came. Warning: mask can cause screams and tears. We read Skippyjon almost every night. We quote the books all the time. We play with the stuffed animal character. My children speak a little Spanish. We're all having a good time. Thank you, Judy.

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