Sunday, February 26, 2012

Walking in the Woods

The husband and the boys go walking behind our property all the time.  It's usually when I need time to relax or time to clean, so I haven't ventured as far as they have.  Today I saw the much talked about truck that is just sitting out there.  I also got to witness the beauty that is the wilderness I live so close to. 

Who leaves a truck in the middle of nowhere?

I was freaking out and had to walk away because there was glass everywhere they were climbing. 

I didn't capture how very cool this all looked in person very well.

Deer tracks.

Littlest Man.

Beautiful moss covered rocks were everywhere.

My middle guy.  He's just so handsome.
 It was 25 degrees out and sunny.  All bundled up and moving, it was almost like it was 30 degrees out.  It was a beautiful day.

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