Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Art of the Brick

This exhibit was amazing.  We decided to bring the kids on a day the center was closed.  For a fee, we were allowed uninterrupted access to the exhibit.  Uninterrupted meaning no other patrons.  The works of art are made entirely of Legos.  The kids were amazed.  They wanted to touch.  We got spoken to a lot because of the very handsy children.  Oh well.  They're kids.  Outside from my own personal issue with the attendants, they were very thorough.  There was a 45-minute tour on the pieces themselves.  It was a little too intensive for the under 5 crowd, but the older kids really took away a lot.  On any other day, the exhibit is free to the public.  If you can go see one like it. 
My kids did not come home and try to build amazing things out of Legos.  They wrestled with their dad.

Nathan Sawaya's signature piece.

Standing just far enough behind the "line" as not to disrupt the exhibit...

Gorgeous.  And that's a man and boy, not a man and woman.

Eli's favorite piece.

In the play center before the tour. 


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