Monday, April 5, 2010


Adding to our brood...we now are three chicks larger. Three cute and fuzzy little yellow chicks. They have actually started to develop feathers. My boys (the husband included) have named the chicks Grampa, Grampa and Elvira.

Some interesting things I have learned while being a chick owner for less than a week:

  • Chicks can slip on shiny newspaper (like the coupon inserts).

  • Chicks can get inky from newspaper

  • Chicks poop. A. Lot.

  • Chicks can get a pasted bum...their poop builds up and you have to wipe their bums to clear it off. (We have a crusty-bum chick right's getting to be a concern...)

  • Chicks poop in their food.

  • Chicks poop in their water.

  • Sometimes they peep really loudly.

  • Sometimes they are silent.

  • Chicks like to huddle together under the warmth of a light bulb.

  • They develop a pecking order.

  • They imprint the first person they see to be their mother. We got ours two days old...I wonder who they think their mommy is...

  • When newly hatched, you have to dip their beaks into the water so they know to drink.

  • They will poop on your shoulder.

  • They don't like being held upside down by their leg. Or wing.

  • In order to socialize them, or rather get them used to people, you need to hold them a couple times a day. You can't just talk to them. They are not great conversationalists, nor do they care about your day.

  • Chicks are not afraid of bunnies. And bunnies do not hunt chicks.

  • They actually care if another chick is outside their comfort zone...they chirp louder if alone and can see the other chick. It's hilarious.

  • The boys don't think it's funny to present the chicks in a bowl (while cleaning their cage) and telling them "it's what's for dinner". That's pork, right?

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