Sunday, April 18, 2010

Gargoyle or Grotesque?

We have a little statue out in our yard. I think it was a contribution from the husband's premarital life. I have always called it a gargoyle. Eli asked what a gargoyle was. I stammered for a minute...I think I started making stuff up. I told him I actually didn't know and that I was indeed, making things up. We sauntered inside to check it out. We looked online and found out that a gargoyle is a waterspout used to divert water off of roof tops, a la gutter. A grotesque is that actual statue, not used as a spout. You learn something new everyday!

We decided to create gargoyles and grotesques out of clay. I thought maybe it was air-dry clay, but alas, it was not. *Mental note: buy some air-dry clay*
To accompany our gargoyle making, I found some clips from the old television show Gargoyles. The boys were mesmerized...
The kids promptly squished their creations upon completing them, so I was not able to capture them on film. The husband and I were very proud of ours and saved them for their photo shoot.

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An Almost Unschooling Mom said...

Very funny - and perfect unschooling!