Sunday, March 18, 2012

March 2012 Seedlings

What an amazing day today is!  I was able to work a couple more sections of the garden.  I have to be really careful as it's full of poison ivy.  That is what happens when you clear a wooded area. 
I've planted a bunch of seeds in starter containers. 
I have a slew of seedlings at my mother's house.  I, unfortunately, don't make it there enough and they're not faring too well.  I should really get there more often to water them.  I used egg cartons, which is economical and easy.  But, when you forget about them...

For our home, since we don't have a suitable place for a lot of seedlings to sprout, I bought a tray (yes, by the hated Burpee) with a pad to hold in moisture so watering isn't a priority.  And there's a cover, so it acts like a greenhouse.  I have to's pretty awesome.  My seeds sprouted in less than a week.  I have a bazillion kale seedlings and about 25 tomato seedlings.  I can't wait to transplant them into bigger containers and then into our community garden. 

Tomatoes up front.

Reaching for the sun...

Pretty Kale.

First round of poison ivy from the other day. 

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