Friday, April 29, 2011

Potty Learning...

We live in the woods. My kids are free to wear clothes...or not. This little is naked. Potty learning is happening and the air and sun are being enjoyed!
I potty-trained, or rather, potty-struggled with my first born. The first time I got upset and yelled at my son was during this tumultuous time. In retrospect, I wish I knew more (don't we all?).
A friend of mine has never had diapers on her children. She is so in tune with her babies that she knows when they have to void. It's amazing to watch.
A few other friends just let their children decide when to use the potty.

That is what I'm doing with my middle and little. With the middle, I've tried and he's resisted the whole way. One day he said, "I don't go poop on the potty because you get frustrated." What? Okay, time to let go and just let him take the lead. He's almost four-years-old. If he's naked in the yard, he'll use the potty. If he's wearing a Pull-Up or underwear, he uses those. It's slow-moving with him, but our life is slow-moving. Neither of us is frustrated and there is no unnecessary pressure on him. We can afford this because he's not in daycare or school.

The little is interested in peeing in the tub, on the floor and in the yard. And he tells me about it. He tells me when he's pooped in his diaper. I'm just going with it. I'm not an expert by any means, but I'm calm and we are not stressed about poop.

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